Collection of Lymphoma Somatic Mutations from 57 Published NGS Studies for Comparative Analysis

    Who are we?

    Sorry! Anonymous for this moment due to the requirement of a scientific competition. Even though we cannot mention names, we wourld still like to thank our mentors for their excellent mentorships and supports. We would not have made such progress on our internship project without them!

    Is this an official site for LymphoDB?

    No. This is a clone of our official web site. Our official web site (temporarily offline during the contest period) is hosted on xxxx Research Institute. This clone web site is run on a third party server so that web address does NOT contain our institute name, in order to be compliant with anonymous requirement of the scientific competition.

    Does the clone web site have full functionalities?

    Yes. This clone web site (even though it is a bit slower than the official one) contains full functions as the same as official web site for the purpose of demonstrating it to the referees of the scientific competition.

Dr Louis Staudt' Laboratory

LymphoDB was developed by several high school students as an internship project in xxxx Research Institute

The project is being under a Scientific Competition so that all IDs, names, and logos of students, mentors and institute are anonymous throughout the web site as required

To hide our institute web address, this is a clone of our official web site in a third party server for a Scientific Competition