Collection of Lymphoma Somatic Mutations from 57 Published NGS Studies for Comparative Analysis


    LymphoDB is freely avaialbe to all users. The entire data of LymphoDB was organized in a single text-based file as a matrix of 12 columns x 120,000 rows, consisting of ~1.5 millions of data points

    LymphoDB Column Name Explanation

Field Name Explanation
chr Human chromosome # of where the mutation happens
pos Human chromosome position/coordinate where the mutation happens
ref Standard nucleotide at the position
mut Mutated nucleotide at the position
lymphoma_type 13 subtypes of lymphomas in LymphoDB
case_id Sample id reported by the corresponding paper
study_first_name/pubmed_id The NGS publication that reported the mutation of that row
gene_id/gene_symbol Gene information regarding where mutation belongs to.
TCGA_disease Is the mutation also found in other cancers in TCGA database?
hotspot Is the mutation one of the HotSpot mutations?
exac Is the mutation in regular population?
LymphoDB Example of Top 10 Lines

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